We don't build robots or Frankenstein monsters — though we'd like to!

Our mad science is all about websites — attractive, interactive, and frankly great tools to help you grow your business.

We don't just speak the lingo, we live, eat, drink and work the lingo to your advantage

Lillen Labs plans, designs, develops and delivers high quality websites and online products and services. Our capabilities span the whole spectrum from project planning and design to end-user experience and marketing. We can do it all—whether you're into bells and whistles or are more the strong, silent type.


Your website may be the first thing potential customers see of your business—so you want a design that makes a lasting impression. We’ll put together an up-to-date look and feel that reflects you, your brand, and your audience.

Usability & Architecture

Ease of use is the most important component of any website. Your customers will be able to effortlessly navigate and engage interactively with your site. And online tools and applications are completely intuitive.

Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, we do it all—search engine optimization, online advertising, social media, email campaigns, web video, blogging. We’ll even track statistics for you to help evaluate effectiveness.

Interactive designs that make an impression

We pride ourselves on our expertise but we don’t pretend to know your business better than you do. That’s why we partner directly with our clients to develop high-quality websites and online products and services—ones that truly fit your needs.

Recent Work

We’re neither mad nor scientists but we are dedicated web professionals

Is it just us, or is the Internet taking itself a little too seriously these days? Who let the boring in? At Lillen Labs, we believe that a good website, much like a lab-created monster, needs to have some character if it’s going to make an impact. It can’t just sit there. We pride ourselves on inspiring and creative designs with, dare we say, cool interactive tools and features.
We’ve assembled a team of savvy professionals who not only know good Internet, but are always scheming to “wow” you. No idea is too far-fetched. No concept too “out there.” We don’t don white lab coats (if we did, they'd be awesome!) and we try not to cackle too evilly but we do enjoy our work and hope that our clients (and their clients) will as well.

Never fear, only our humans answer emails and communicate via social media

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